Services to map learning to your business objectives

Learning Matrix

Feel confident that Pluralsight will meet your needs with a curated list of content aligned to your objectives. First, you determine your main areas of focus or job roles. Then, our team will compile a personalized list of our features, learning paths, courses and assessments that will meet your needs. 


Technology Strategy Plan 

If you’ve identified your top strategic initiatives but don’t know which skills or roles you need to accomplish them, this custom skill development roadmap will give you the information you need to move forward and deliver on your objectives faster. Our experts map out the systems, tools and topics your team needs to learn across all experience levels—from foundational to strategic knowledge. Through ongoing face-to-face and phone consultations, we help you identify skills gaps and develop a plan to overcome them. 

Contact sales to learn more about these services. 

Enterprise plan integration features

The following features are included with an enterprise plan, which offers flexibility, integration support and advanced analytics for large teams. 


Data export 
Gain the flexibility to create your own reports with one-time or recurring data exports. 

  • Export usage data for any given date range and by plan, group or individual
  • Get completion information at the course, module or clip level

Single sign-on 
Ease the hassle of managing multiple logins and ease your mind with the highest level of security and privacy for your organization.

  • Give learners a single username and password to access Pluralsight
  • Provision licenses automatically, without having to manually email credentials to each user

LMS integration 
By combining data export with single sign-on, you can provide learners with a unified experience by integrating Pluralsight into any of the major learning management systems. 

  • Get a recurring data export to send Pluralsight course details to your LMS and enable single sign-on
  • We use LTI 1.0, SAML 2.0 SSO, IdP or SP deep linking for embedded, course-specific links and/or catalog-specific links.
  • Find Pluralsight pre-loaded in the top IdP app catalogs: OneLogin, Azure, Okta

Usage API 
Ensure you always have the latest data on how your teams are using Pluralsight.

  • Take advantage of REST APIs to get up-to-date information on users and course completions
  • Includes exposure to CRUD user management API
  • More information: API overview and API in-depth

IP whitelist

Whitelisting these important IP addresses will help keep your team’s training ready whenever they need it most. You’ll also stay in the loop as we release site updates and new courses into the training library. View full list.